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Table 1 Summary of experiments

From: Probe set filtering increases correlation between Affymetrix GeneChip and qRT-PCR expression measurements

Experiment Microarrays qRT-PCR
name ref #samp type protocol
NerdErd [22] 38 hgu133a2 SybrGreen
Strain [23] 36 mouse430_2 TaqMan
AgeWT [13] 11 mgu74av2 TaqMan
Lonely [12] 14 hgu133a TaqMan
Tsc [24] 7 hgu133plus2 SybrGreen
Maqc_CD [26] 8 hgu133plus2 TaqMan
  1. The first three columns contain general information about collected experiments: labels of the data sets used in our analysis (name), reference numbers (ref), and numbers of used samples (#samp). The fourth column describes a type of microarray used in each experiment: (type). The last column contains information about qRT-PCR protocol.