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Table 3 GO analysis of 241 genes predicted to undergo isoform changes between grade I and grade III breast tumors (GUYT).

From: SplicerAV: a tool for mining microarray expression data for changes in RNA processing

Molecular Function # Genes P-Value Gene Symbols
Guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor 7 6.22E-03 RAB3IP, RAPGEF2, GAPVD1, CD47, TRIO, ARHGEF7, AKAP13
Metalloprotease inhibitor 2 6.52E-03 TIMP2, TIMP3
Ubiquitin-protein ligase 10 7.40E-03 RNF130, TTC3 UBE3B, PML, TRIM26, RBCK1, MIB1, ZNF294, ZUBR1, TRIAD3
mRNA processing factor 9 1.27E-02 SYNCRIP, WDR33, SFRS8, SFRS15, TAF15, SF1, SF3B1, SFPQ, PRP6
Cytoskeletal protein 4 3.42E-02 DNAL1, NF2, KIF5C, DYNC1H1
Anion channel 2 3.63E-02 PML, CLCN3
G-protein modulator 12 4.64E-02 RAB3IP, RAPGEF2, GAPVD1, CD47,
mRNA splicing factor 6 4.94E-02 TAF15, SFRS8, SF1, SF3B1, SFPQ, PRP6
Tyrosine protein kinase receptor 4 4.97E-02 TEK, TPR, IGF1R, PDGFRA