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Table 4 Common genes found using sdef: three lists. The table shows a summary of the information on the degree of similarity between the experiments for the mice data described in the section "Illustrative analysis: molecular similarities between mammalian sexes" (three lists). It is obtained running the function createTable. It contains the rule (h max as h2 does not apply to this data as R(h) does not reach 2), T(h), R(h) with its credibility interval, the number of genes in common and the number of differentially expressed genes in each experiment.

From: sdef: an R package to synthesize lists of significant features in related experiments

Rule T(h) R(h) CI 95% O 11 O 1++ O +1+ O ++1
h max (freq & Bayesian) = 0.12 1.67 1.69 1.41 - 2.03 110 1337 2126 973