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Table 1 Notations.

From: An integrated Bayesian analysis of LOH and copy number data

Het heterozygous
Hom homozygous
NHet not heterozygous (is used when we cannot distinguish between two equal nucleotides, i.e. homozygosity, and the loss of one copy)
{Het, Hom}
* {ø, Het, Hom}
{Het, NHet, NoCall}
X N true genotypes in normal cells ( )
X true genotypes in abnormal cells (X i *)
Y genotypes detected by the genotype calling algorithm (Y i )
Y cn raw copy number data
copy number events/aberrations
occurrence of copy-neutral LOH (i.e. IBD/UPD event)
IBD/UPD & copy number aberrations
({ = w} = {, = u} for some w, z, u)
cn all copy number information (both raw data and estimated profile by mBPCR)
p vector of posterior probabilities to be a breakpoint (for all SNP positions)