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Table 3 List of 11 B. mallei genomes used for designing common signatures

From: A high-throughput pipeline for the design of real-time PCR signatures

Strain Source NCBI Taxon ID
B. mallei ATCC 23344 Refseq:NC_006348, Refseq:NC_006349 243160
B. mallei NCTC 10229 Refseq:NC_008836, Refseq:NC_008835 412022
B. mallei NCTC 10247 Refseq:NC_009080, Refseq:NC_009079 320389
B. mallei SAVP1 Refseq:NC_008785, Refseq:NC_008784 320288
B. mallei PRL-20 JCVI 436115
B. mallei PRL7 JCVI 536228
B. mallei 2002721280 JCVI 370895
B. mallei ATCC 10399 JCVI 412021
B. mallei FMH JCVI 334802
B. mallei GB8 horse 4 JCVI 320390
B. mallei JHU JCVI 334803