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Figure 3

From: Error, reproducibility and sensitivity: a pipeline for data processing of Agilent oligonucleotide expression arrays

Figure 3

Interference between Cy3 and Cy5 sample signal. Loess normalised log2 data obtained from a sample of RNA from unstimulated macrophages was subtracted from data from a sample of RNA from macrophages stimulated with IFN╬▓. The differences in signal in the Cy3 channel are plotted against the equivalent differences in Cy5 channel. The plot shows data for all genes showing a difference (i.e. stimulation index) of >4 log2 units (blue), those genes showing a difference of 3-4 log2 units (brown) and those genes showing a difference of 2.5-3 log2 units. The linear regression line and correlation coefficient for each set of genes was analysed separately.

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