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Table 1 Some selected bundles of the OpenChrom software.

From: OpenChrom: a cross-platform open source software for the mass spectrometric analysis of chromatographic data

Bundle Description
baseline.detector Detect baselines
comparison Compare chromatograms and mass spectra
converter Converter to read binary/textual data files
converter.supplier.agilent Read Agilent data files
converter.supplier.cdf Read and write NetCDF data files
... ...
filter Modify chromatographic data
identifier Identify chromatograms, mass spectra and peaks
integrator Integrate peaks
model Models (chromatogram, mass spectrum, peak,...)
peak.detector Detect peaks
logging Logging facility
rcp Base application
thirdpartylibraries.* Third party libraries (SWTChart, log4j,...)
... ...
  1. The OpenChrom software offers several extension points. Extension points are declared in bundles. The table shows a selected overview of bundles and suppliers.