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Table 1 The table of mean MCC, sensitivity and accuracy

From: CMASA: an accurate algorithm for detecting local protein structural similarity and its application to enzyme catalytic site annotation

Template type Threshold type Threshold level Mean MCC Mean Sensitivity Mean Accuracy
Mean conformational template p-value 1.00E-04 0.90(0.19) 0.86(0.18) 0.96(0.12)
  RMSD 0.84Å 0.88(0.13) 0.83(0.20) 0.96(0.14)
Master template p-value 1.00E-04 0.82(0.17) 0.75(0.25) 0.94(0.14)
  RMSD 0.85Å 0.79(0.18) 0.71(0.27) 0.95(0.14)
  1. The mean MCC, mean sensitivity and mean accuracy of 164 families in different threshold type and in different template type. Values in brackets are standard deviation.