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Table 1 Relational pattern definitions for selected relations

From: Relations as patterns: bridging the gap between OBO and OWL

Relationship OWLDEF Pattern
part-of ?X subClassOf part-of some ?Y
has-part ?X subClassOf has-part some ?Y
integral-part-of (?X and not (part-of some ?Y)) or (?Y and not (has-part some ?X)) subClassOf Nothing
has-integral-part (?X and not (has-part some ?Y)) or (?Y and not (part-of some ?X)) subClassOf Nothing
proper-part-of ?X subClassOf proper-part-of some ?Y
has-proper-part ?X subClassOf has-proper-part some ?Y
located-in ?X subClassOf located-in some ?Y
location-of ?X subClassOf location-of some ?Y
contained-in ?X subClassOf contained-in some ?Y
contains ?X subClassOf contains some ?Y
adjacent-to ?X subClassOf adjacent-to some ?Y
transformation-of ?X subClassOf transformation-of some ?Y
transformed-into ?X subClassOf transformed-into some ?Y
derives-from ?X subClassOf derives-from some ?Y
derived-into ?X subClassOf derived-into some ?Y
preceded-by ?X subClassOf preceded-by some ?Y
precedes ?X subClassOf precedes some ?Y
has-participant ?X subClassOf has-participant some ?Y
participates-in ?X subClassOf participates-in some ?Y
has-agent ?X subClassOf has-agent some ?Y
agent-in ?X subClassOf agent-in some ?Y
realized-by ?X subClassOf realized-by only ?Y
realizes ?X subClassOf realizes some ?Y
lacks-part ?X subClassOf not (has-part some ?Y)
has-function ?X subClassOf has-function some ?Y
lacks-function ?X subClassOf not (has-function some ?Y)
has-function-realized-by ?X subClassOf has-function some (realized-by only ?Y)
  1. Emphasized relations are not a part of the OBO Relationship Ontology, but are included in its extensions.