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Table 2 Numbers of annotation inconsistencies found by certain rules.

From: Formalization of taxon-based constraints to detect inconsistencies in annotation and ontology development

Constraint Errors detected Evidence class
GO:0030879 19 IEA
'mammary gland development'   
only _in _taxon   
GO:0012511 21 IEA
'monolayer-surrounded lipid storage body'   
only _in _taxon   
GO:0001701 51 IEA
'in utero embryonic development'   
only _in _taxon   
GO:0001541 10 IEA
'ovarian follicle development'   
only _in _taxon   
GO:0051300 13 Mixture of ISO, ISS, IEA and IMP.
'spindle pole body organization'   
only _in _taxon   
NCBITaxon:4751 'Fungi'   
GO:0015979 9 IEA
only _in _taxon   
'Viridiplantae or Bacteria or Euglenozoa or Archaea'   
GO:0015995 9 IEA
'chlorophyll biosynthetic process'   
only _in _taxon   
'Viridiplantae or Bacteria or Euglenozoa'   
  1. A large number of inconsistencies have been found and various repairs made. This table gives a summary of the numbers of annotation errors found using a selection of the rules that we have implemented. For interpretation of evidence codes see