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Table 2 Target and source locus for the 3' transduced flank in the main (human) and comparative genomes (chimpanzee) for loci annotated as INDEL_PTS

From: RISCI - Repeat Induced Sequence Changes Identifier: a comprehensive, comparative genomics-based, in silico subtractive hybridization pipeline to identify repeat induced sequence changes in closely related genomes

human Target L1HS_4_19c 4 NC_000004 Minus 1 91 88487299 88487209  
human Source L1HS_4_19c 4 NC_000004 Plus 16 91 88496516 88496591 HSD17B11, INTRON 5
Chimp Source L1HS_4_19c 4 NC_006471 Plus 16 91 90265309 90265384 DHRS8, INTRONS 4,5
human Target L1HS_7_7 7 NC_000007 Plus 1 619 69306280 69306898  
human Source L1HS_7_7 5 NC_000005 Minus 3 606 140466972 140466369 Intergenic
Chimp Source L1HS_7_7 5 NC_006472 Minus 3 606 142876752 142876149 Intergenic
  1. RISCI confirmation of 3' flank transduction concurrent with insertion mediated deletion (INDEL_PTS) by unambiguous identification of the source locus in main and comparative genomes. As expected, no hit is found for the target locus in the comparative genome, and one to one chromosomal correspondence for the source locus in main and comparative genome is noticed. Also the source locus hit both in the main genome and in the comparative genome is shorter than the target hit since no match is found for the poly A tail at the source locus. CHR - chromosome, ORIENT - orientation, QFC - Query first coordinate, QLC - Query last coordinate, SFC - Subject first coordinate, SLC - Subject last coordinate. Source loci found within genes (and within exons or introns if CDS coordinates are available are also reported). HSD17B11 and DHRS8 are aliases of eachother.