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Figure 5

From: A conformal Bayesian network for classification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex lineages

Figure 5

F-values of predictions averaged over all 6 lineages. 3 datasets were used: 1) CDC – with stratified sampling, 10% cross-validation 2) MIRU-VNTRplus and 3) Brussels. Results shown for all the combinations of bio-markers used: 1) Spoligotype alone (Spoligo) 2) 12-loci MIRU (12M) 3) 24-loci MIRU (24M) 4) Spoligotype + 12-loci MIRU (Sp+12M) and 5) Spoligotype + 24-loci MIRU (Sp+24M). Comparison shows that the overall performance improves when the spoligotype and MIRU are used in combination rather than individually. Improved performance is observed in most cases when 24-loci MIRU is used as compared to 12-loci MIRU.

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