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Table 1 Statistics of comparison between the IgVH unmutated and mutated groups for Network 17 genes.

From: Using gene co-expression network analysis to predict biomarkers for chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Genes p-values (Unmutated vs Mutated IgVH) Mean fold change (Unmutated vs Mutated IgVH) p-value
(Patients vs Normal)
SH2D1A 1.3E-3 1.944 0.089
IL2RB 8.1E-5 1.821 4.8E-16
KLRK1 4.9E-3 1.813 0.0079
CD247 1.6E-4 1.807 7.1E-8
GZMB 3.1E-3 1.719 6.2E-11
CD3G 0.017 1.685 0.41
CD3D 1.4E-4 1.621 4.3E-16
GZMK 0.022 1.586 9.2E-11
CD8A 9.9E-5 1.576 3.5E-9
NKG7 8.3E-4 1.560 1.3E-9
ZAP70 7.9E-4 -1.403 5.5E-12
LAG3 0.023 -1.598 0.028
  1. The p-values are the results of Student’s t-test of comparing the IgVH mutated vs. unmutated group, as well as comparing the CLL patient vs. normal group.