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Table 5 Functional verification between ELM functional classes and the respective associated sequences.

From: Extraction of consensus protein patterns in regions containing non-proline cis peptide bonds and their functional assessment

ELM Sequences
Functional class GO category PDB id GO category
LIG_14-3-3_2 Binding 2O34A, 2FPHX, 1NAR0, 2DDXA Binding, catalytic activity
LIG_PP1 Binding, enzyme regulator activity 2HHPA, 2HFKA, 1D3YA, 1OI7A, 1ZY7A, 2B18A, 2F2HA, 2GZQA Binding, catalytic activity, transporter activity, transcription regulator activity
LIG_PP2B_1 Binding, catalytic activity 1ES5A, 1T8TA, 1EZWA, 1V5VA Catalytic activity
LIG_MAPK_1 Binding 1B43A, 1NSZA, 2GAKA, 2O34A, 1VPDA, 2NQTA Binding, catalytic activity,
LIG_SCF-TrCP1_1 Binding, catalytic activity 1B43A, 1Y8TA, 1M4LA, 2IDLA Binding, catalytic activity
LIG_14-3-3_3 Binding 2IDLA, 2HHPA, 2O34A, 1UG6A, 2C0HA, 1B12A, 1O54A, 2FPHX, 1GNLA, 2FMPA, 1D3GA, 2ES4D, 2DXQA, 2A67A, 2G0WA, 1PO5A, 1Q74A, 1CNV0, 1JNDA, 1KMVA, 2JG0A, 7A3HA Binding, catalytic activity
LIG_EH1_1 Binding 1B12A, 2C0HA, 1WDPA, 2CK3H, 1O54A, 2HHPA, 1R5YA, 2D0OA, 1USGA, 2DG1A, 1O2DA, 1YACA, 1RYIA, 1VZIA, 1NAR0, 2DSKA, 1NTHA, 2AFWA, 2C61A, 1D3GA, 1NNWA, 2NX9A, 1X13A, 2A67A, 1C8XA, 2AEEA, 1YDYA, 2GAKA Binding, catalytic activity
LIG_BRCT_BRCA1_1 Binding 1FSGA, 1OQ1A, 2FPQA, 1ZMTA, 2AZ4A, 1NOFA, 1UEKA, 2HSIA Binding, catalytic activity
LIG_NRBOX Binding 1M4LA, 2NT0A, 2NX9A, 1VLRA, 2DJFA, 1DQPA, 1G2QA, 1J2RA, 1NF9A, 1ITXA, 2JE8A, 1B25A, 1CNV0, 1NAR0, 2DSKA, 2CK3H, 2IACA, 1FSGA, 1VJPA, 1NTHA, 2HSIA Binding, catalytic activity
LIG_CORNRBOX Binding 1O54A, 2C61A, 1C8XA, 1LBVA Binding, catalytic activity, transporter activity