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Table 1 The RMSD of cxcr4_human and drd3_human homology models compared to their crystal structures

From: GPCR-SSFE: A comprehensive database of G-protein-coupled receptor template predictions and homology models

Method used for template selection Templates used Accuracy cxcr4_human (RMSD)1 Accuracy drd3_human (RMSD)2
Sequence similarity across entire serpentine domain 2VT4 1.72 0.94
Sequence similarity for each TMH 1U19 and 2Z73 1.78 1.21
SSFE workflow or sequence similarity for each TMH 1U19, 2Z73 and 3EML 1.97 1.04
SSFE workflow 1U19, 2Z73, 3EML, 2VT4 and 2RH1 1.73 0.88
I-TASSER Crystal structure of query protein excluded 1.91 0.82
  1. 1 RMSD between cxcr4_human model and 3ODU (TMH region)
  2. 2 RMSD between drd3_human model and 3PBL (TMH region)