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Table 2 Suggested method (optimizes prediction accuracy and annotation error) vs. Read-length, where annotation accuracy = 100 - annotation error

From: Combining gene prediction methods to improve metagenomic gene annotation

Best Method (Prediction Accuracy/Annotation Accuracy) 100 bp 200 bp 300 bp 400 bp 500 bp 600 bp 700 bp
Single Method MGA (57%/42%) GM (77%/76%) GM (86%/92%) GM (87%/93%) Orphelia (87%/95%) Orphelia (89%/95%) Orphelia (90%/94%)
Combined Method Consensus (58%/47%) Consensus (79%/84%) Consensus (87%/96%) Consensus (88%/96%) GM&Orph (89%/96%) GM&Orph (90%/98%) GM&Orph (91%/97%)
  1. The best method (for combined prediction accuracy and annotation accuracy, p r e d i c t i o n a c c u r a c y + a n n o t a t i o n a c c u r a c y 2 ) vs. Read Length. The Method with Prediction Accuracy/Annotation Accuracy are in the parentheses. As shown, the Consensus gives the best overall performance for 100 bp-400 bp reads. For single methods, MGA has the best performance for 100 bp reads while GM is the best single-method for 200-400 bp length reads. For longer reads (500-700 bp), Orphelia and GM&Orphelia have the best performance.