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Figure 5

From: Querying large read collections in main memory: a versatile data structure

Figure 5

Memory and construction time comparison between the Suffix Array solution, the hash table and the Gk arrays. Memory and construction time comparison between the generalized Suffix Array solution (gSA), the hash tables (HT) and the Gk arrays. K562 dataset is used for that experiment, with 5 million to 25 million reads. The length of k-mers ranges from 15 to 30. gSA plots have been shifted left and HT plots have been shifted right for easing the reading. (a) Maximal memory usage while constructing the index and querying it. The error bars represent the space consumption depending on the value of k. (b) Construction time for the three indexes on the same data as for the maximal memory consumption. The levels of gray on the plots represent the value of k.

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