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Table 2 False positives detected by Gene deFuser

From: Detection of Fused Genes in Eukaryotic Genomes using Gene deFuser: Analysis of the Tetrahymena thermophila genome

Annotation Version Number of False Positives Accession Numbers
Final Annotation (v.2008) 28 EAR92881, EAS01798, EAR92566, EAR82879, EAS00133, EAR84691, EAR92830, EAR99356, EAR91587, EAR84275, EAR84417, EAR99401, EAR83898, EAR89871, EAR85428, EAS03452, EAS02693, EAR83154, EAR82303, EAS00607, EAR83089, EAR85121, EAR89363, EAR91270, EAR96069, EAR96106, EAR86245, EAR86074
Initial Annotation (v.2004)1 29 (in addition to the 28 that are still present in the Final Annotation) EAR96923, EAR84622, EAR85248, EAR85505, EAR85282, EAR85413, EAR97343, EAR99583, EAS01392, EAS00371, EAS04594, EAR87314, EAS03022, EAS02070, EAS03869, EAR99890, EAR82527, EAR85830, EAS07404, EAR99312, EAR89578, EAR91857
  1. 1 These genes were removed in the final version of the annotation. Note that even though 29 false positives were identified, only 22 accession numbers are listed. The remaining 7 false positives were eliminated before the sequences were submitted to GenBank, and thus have no accession number.