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Table 3 ROC

From: Unraveling gene regulatory networks from time-resolved gene expression data -- a measures comparison study

true positives correctly identified true edges tp
false positives spurious edges fp
true negatives correctly identified zero edges tn
false negatives unrecognized true edges fn
positives all true edges p = tp + fn
negatives all zero edges n = tn + fp
false positive rate part of negatives set positive fpr = fp/n
true positive rate part of positives set positive tpr = tp/p
false negative rate part of positives set negative fnr = fn/p
true negative rate part of negatives set negative tnr = tn/n
recall (sensitivity) true positive rate tpr
specificity true negative rate tnr
precision positive predictive value tp/(tp + fp)
  1. Summary of important quantities in ROC analysis.