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Table 2 Data statistics and data obtained from databases.

From: miRTar: an integrated system for identifying miRNA-target interactions in human

Data source Version Data descriptions Data amount
miRBase[49] V.15 MicroRNA information (name, sequences,...) 1100
KEGG[53] V. 53 The pathway maps 195
ASTD[50] V. 1.1 Gene annotation 16,715
   mRNA sequences 93,467
   Protein information 34,545
   Alternative splicing events 78,165
GenBank[51] V. 167 Gene annotation 32,123
   Genomic sequences 32,123
   Protein sequences 125,259
UniGene[52] V. 217 mRNA sequences 137,654
   protein information (mRNA gi to protein gi) 125,259