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Table 2 Calculated Averages and Standard Deviations for dG and Neutrality for the P5abc subdomain Example

From: RNAexinv: An extended inverse RNA folding from shape and physical attributes to sequences

Quantities Target/Program Average of Neutrality Standard Deviation of Neutrality Average of dG (kcal/mol) Standard Deviation of dG (kcal/mol)
Target 0.94 N/A -25.60 N/A
RNAinverse 0.79 0.067 -15.42 3.21
RNAexinv 0.95 0.003 -25.01 1.49
  1. Reported values of averages and standard deviations over 1000 runs with the methods compared, for mutational robustness (neutrality) and thermodynamic stability (dG in kcal/mol), performed on the P5abc subdomain example described in [9].