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Table 4 Precision and recall of domain boundary predictions on CASP9 continuous, multi-domain targets

From: DoBo: Protein domain boundary prediction by integrating evolutionary signals and machine learning

Predictor Precision of Domain Boundary Prediction Recall of Domain Boundaries
DOMPro 0.50 0.14
PPRODO 0.50 0.52
DoBo 0.49 0.70
  1. For the 14 continuous, multi-domain targets from CASP9, we used DOMPro, PPRODO and our method DoBo to predicted domain boundaries. Only domain boundary predictions which were more than 40 residues from the N or C terminal end of a sequence were considered. A domain boundary prediction is considered correct if it occurs within 20 residues of a true domain boundary. The recall value is calculated for domain boundaries which occur at least 40 residues from the N or C terminal end of a sequence.