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Table 5 Comparison of training Level 1 category predictions with and without cost sensitivity.

From: Cost sensitive hierarchical document classification to triage PubMed abstracts for manual curation

Number of references No cost Cost sensitive
Classified as high priority 13722 15020
   Correct classification 12515 12978
   Incorrect, should be... 1207 2042
Other high priority 407 464
Low priority 800 1578
Classified as low priority 9111 7813
   Correct classification 7799 7112
   Incorrect, should be... 1312 701
Other low priority 325 234
High priority 987 467
  1. The number of references predicted into the Level 1 categories with and without cost sensitivity. In the cost sensitive scenario, there was a decrease in the number of high priority references misclassified into low priority categories.