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Table 2 Description of 25 Proteomic Features, 100 Morphological, and 51 Architectural

From: Supervised Regularized Canonical Correlation Analysis: integrating histologic and proteomic measurements for predicting biochemical recurrence following prostate surgery

Proteomic # Description
Proteins Identified 25 Some include: CSNK2A1 protein, Dihydroxyacetone kinase,
   Dynamin-2, Glycogenin-1, Mitochondrial PDHA1, Mu-crystallin
   homolog, Nit protein 2, Nucleolin, Synaptonemal complex protein 1
   Putative uncharacterized protein RPL3
Morphological   Description
Gland Morphology 100 Area Ratio, distance Ratio, Standard Deviation of Distance,
   Variance of Distance, Distance Ratio, Perimeter, Ratio,
   Smoothness, Invariant Moment 1-7, Fractal Dimension, Fourier
   Descriptor 1-10 (Mean, Std. Dev, Median, Min/Max of each)
Architectural   Description
Voronoi Diagram 12 Polygon area, perimeter, chord length: mean, std. dev., min/max ratio, disorder
Delaunay Triangulation 8 Triangle side length, area: mean, std. dev., min/max ratio, disorder
Minimum Spanning Tree 4 Edge length: mean, std. dev., min/max ratio, disorder
Nearest Neighbors 27 Density of nuclei, distance to nearest nuclei