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Figure 2

From: Identifying elemental genomic track types and representing them uniformly

Figure 2

Four-dimensional matrix mapping the relations of the fifteen track types. Each dimension represents the exclusion (0) or inclusion (1) of one of the four core informational properties: gaps, lengths, values and interconnections. The track type abbreviations in the top-left box are: Genome Partition (GP), Points (P) and Segments (S); in the bottom-left box: Function (F), Step Function (SF), Valued Points (VP) and Valued Segments (VS); in the top-right box: Linked Base Pairs (LBP), Linked Genome Partition (LGP), Linked Points (LP) and Linked Segments (LS); and in the bottom-right box: Linked Function (LF), Linked Step Function (LSF), Linked Valued Points (LVP) and Linked Valued Segments (LVS). The track types with white background (with gaps) are the sparse track types, while the ones with grey background (without gaps) are the dense track types. See Figure 1 for a geometric illustration of the track types.

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