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Table 1 Translated OBO relationships used in Hemo-CL

From: Logical Development of the Cell Ontology

OBO relationship Simple OWL translation Expanded OWL translation
has_plasma_membrane_part has_plasma_membrane_part some ?Y has_part some (GO:'plasma membrane' and has_part some ?Y)
lacks_plasma_membrane_part lacks_plasma_membrane_part value ?Y has_part exactly 0 (GO:'plasma membrane' and has_part some ?Y)
capable_of capable_of some ?Y bearer_of some (realized_by only ?Y)
participates_in participates_in some ?Y -
has_completed has_completed some ?Y transformation_of some (participates_in some ?Y)
has_not_completed has_not_completed some ?Y not transformation_of some (participates_in some ?Y)
  1. Several of the OBO relationships used in Hemo-CL were translated into an OWL format. The left hand column contains the OBO-formatted relationships, the middle column contains relationships converted to a simple OWL format, and the right hand column contains expanded OWL-formatted relationships that employ negation and nested expressions. Details are in the methods.