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Table 4 T-test results on the constructed 100mer peptide.

From: Near-membrane ensemble elongation in the proline-rich LRP6 intracellular domain may explain the mysterious initiation of the Wnt signaling pathway

t test
Alternative hypothesis:
True difference in means is less than 0, i.e. the mean of undocking conformers’ Rgyr or end-to-end distance is less than that of docking conformers
  Mean of undocking conformers Mean of docking conformers p-value
Rgyr 28.4383 31.4704 <2.2e-16
D1-40 40.0255 41.8216 <2.2e-16
D31-70 43.6516 48.8396 <2.2e-16
D61-100 40.2149 41.3728 1.032e-14
  1. The table shows t-test results on the Rgyr distributions and end-to-end distance distributions of docking and undocking structural ensembles of the constructed 100mer peptide.