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Table 1 Basic Data Usage Index indicators for primary biodiversity data published through the GBIF network

From: Indicators for the Data Usage Index (DUI): an incentive for publishing primary biodiversity data through global information infrastructure

  Formula Indicator Description
1 s(u) Searched records Number of records searched/viewed (by IP address) in unit
2 d(u) Download frequency Number of downloaded records from unit
3 r(u) Record number Number of records in (period; dataset(s); geographical and/or species unit)
4 S(u) Search events Number of different searches (by IP address) in unit
5 D(u) Download events Number of different downloads from unit
6 N(u) Dataset number Number of datasets in (period, geographical and/or species unit)
7 s(u)/S(u) Search density Average number of searched records per search event
8 d(u)/D(u) Download density Average download frequency per download event
9 d(u)/r(u) Usage impact Download frequency per stored record per unit
10 s(u)/r(u) Interest impact Searched records per stored record per unit
11 d(u)/s(u) Usage ratio Ratio of download frequency to searched records in unit
12 D(u)/S(u) Usage balance Ratio of download events to search events for unit (in %)
13 U(u)/r(u) Usage score Ratio of unique downloaded records (U) to record number (in %)
14 I(u)/r(u) Interest score Ratio of unique searched records (I) to record number (in %)