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Table 1 Examples of relationships between medical concepts in patient records.

From: A context-blocks model for identifying clinical relationships in patient records

Relationship Abbrev. I2b2 Notation Example Sentence
Treatment Improves Medical Problem Improves TrIP Her chest pain* was controlled with morphine.
Treatment Worsens Medical Problem Worsens TrWP He was started on p.o. steroids and to CMED for management of COPD exacerbation but he appeared in more respiratory distress overnight.
Treatment Causes Medical Problem Causes TrCP During ER evaluation pt was noted to have some degree of loss of short term memory and brief unresponsive period after one dose of IV Benadryl.
Treatment is Administered for Medical Problem Given TrAP Lasix 40 mg Tablet Sig : One ( 1 ) Tablet PO once a day as needed for shortness of breath or wheezing
Treatment is Not Administered because of Medical Problem Not Given TrNAP There was some question regarding restarting of the patient 's Coumadin given her positive lupus anti-coagulant status.
Test Reveals Medical Problem Reveals TeRP Pathology was reviewed revealing invasive squamous cell carcinoma
Test is Conducted to Investigate Medical Problem Conducted TeCP There was some concern that the patient may have a partial biliary obstruction and the patient was sent for a magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography.
Medical Problem Indicates Medical Problem Relates PIP Bilateral crackles at bases and midlungs , trace bilateral ankle edema and CXR with diffuse opacities suggest possible pulmonary edema.
  1. * Medical problems are shown in italics, tests are shown in bold and treatments are underlined.