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Table 2 Our SADI services based on the Mutation Impact ontology, text-mining pipeline and database. Detailed information (in RDF) about a service can be obtained by opening the service URL, obtained by attaching the prefix to the name, in a Web browser.

From: Deploying mutation impact text-mining software with the SADI Semantic Web Services framework

service operation
mineTextForMutationImpacts extracts mutation specifications from a document
getMutationByWildtypeProtein finds specifications of mutations grounded to a given protein
getMutationByMutantProtein finds specifications of mutations resulting in a protein specified by its sequence
getMutationImpactByProteinProperty finds mutation impact instances affecting a specified grounded protein property
getMutationByImpact finds mutation specifications corresponding to an impact on a specified grounded protein property
getMutationSubseries finds mutation series instances that are subseries of a given mutation series
getMIDBBioEntityByType finds biological entities by their type URIs
getProteinPropertyByType finds protein properties grounded to specific proteins by their type URIs
visualiseMutationSeries renders the 3D structure of the wildtype protein, from PDB, and highlights the point mutation positions
visualiseMutationSeriesWithHomologyModeling same as visualiseMutationSeries except that the 3D structure is predicted by homology modeling