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Table 6 Gene Ontology terms significant associated with selected genes (P < 0.001) of T1D study.

From: SNP and gene networks construction and analysis from classification of copy number variations data

GO Category GO ID GO Annotation Genes P-value
Molecular Function GO:0016175 superoxide-generating NADPH oxidase activity NOX3 0.000518
Molecular Function GO:0030507 spectrin binding EPB41L2 0.000518
Cellular Component GO:0005606 laminin-1 complex LAMA2 0.000518
Biological Process GO:0009629 response to gravity NOX3 0.000561
Biological Process GO:0009396 folic acid and derivative biosynthetic process MTHFD1L 0.000561
Cellular Component GO:0043256 laminin complex LAMA2 0.000561
Biological Process GO:0046653 tetrahydrofolate metabolic process MTHFD1L 0.000641
Cellular Component GO:0008091 spectrin EPB41L2 0.000641
Cellular Component GO:0043020 NADPH oxidase complex NOX3 0.000758
Molecular Function GO:0050664 oxidoreductase activity, acting on NADH or NADPH, with oxygen as acceptor NOX3 0.000880