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Table 2 Baseline Performance

From: A robust approach to optimizing multi-source information for enhancing genomics retrieval performance

baseline document aspect passage2
UniNE1 (DFR) 0.2777 0.2189 0.0988
MuMshFd (BM25) 0.2906 0.2068 0.0895
york07ga2 (BM25) 0.2150 0.1306 0.0472
kyoto1 (LM) 0.1892 0.1208 0.0209
  1. The performance of five selected baselines is presented in the following table. The baselines are the official submissions in the TREC 2007 Genomics Track. The model applied in each baseline is specified in the parentheses as “DFR”, “BM25” and “LM”. Here “LM” stands for “language model”.