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Table 7 Mapping between MI IDs and MeSH terms

From: Detecting experimental techniques and selecting relevant documents for protein-protein interactions from biomedical literature

Rank MI ID MI name MeSH ID MeSH term
1 MI:0007 anti tag coimmunoprecipitation E05.196.150.639 Co-Immunoprecipitation
2 MI:0006 anti bait coimmunoprecipitation E05.196.150.639 Co-Immunoprecipitation
3 MI:0096 pull down E05.196.181.400.170 Affinity Chromatography
4 MI:0018 two hybrid E05.393.220.870 Two-hybrid System Techniques
5 MI:0114 X-ray crystallography E05.196.309.742.225 X-Ray Crystallography
6 MI:0071 Molecular Sieving E05.196.181.400.250 Molecular Sieve Chromatography
7 MI:0416 Fluorescence Microscopy E01.370.350.515.458 Fluorescence Microscopy
8 MI:0424 Protein Kinase Assay E05.196.630.570.700 Protein Array Analysis
9 MI:0107 Surface Plasmon Resonance E05.196.890 Surface Plasmon Resonance
10 MI:0663 Confocal Microscopy E01.370.350.515.395 Confocal Microscopy
  1. The manually constructed mapping between interaction methods from the PSI-MI ontology and MeSH terms, ranked by occurrence frequency in the training data