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Figure 2

From: BioCreative III interactive task: an overview

Figure 2

ODIN interface. The ODIN interface is organized in 3 panels: the inspector panel (left) is used to edit single annotations, the document panel (center) contains the document being inspected, and the annotation panel(right) contains grid views (in different tabs) of the terms, concepts and interactions identified by the system in the target document. The term tab contains columns showing the textual form of a term occurrence, its possible concept identifiers and main semantic types together with an ambiguity count. In the concept tab (called "Genes/Proteins" for this task) there is a row for each concept identifier with a relevance score, a frequency count, the most prominent text zone where the concept appears (title, abstract, text), its semantic type, and a link to allow exploration of the concept in the web interface of the ontology where it stems from.

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