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Table 3 List of symbols

From: Constraints on genes shape long-term conservation of macro-synteny in metazoan genomes

n Number of genome rearrangements
N Number of shared markers (genes) used in a genome comparison
n t Number of interchromosomal genome rearrangements
µ The fraction of dosage sensitive genes
Sab The fraction of conserved gene adjacencies (micro-synteny)
pab The fraction of genes constributing to conserved macro-synteny
c Number of chromosomes
p fix Probability with which proposed interchromosomal rearrangements are accepted in the DCJ-pfix model
Hs Homo sapiens; human
Bf Branchiostoma floridae; lancelet
Nv Nematostella vectensis; sea anemone
Ta Trichoplax adhaerens; placozoan
Aq Amphimedon queenslandica; sea sponge
DCJ Double cut and join
DCJ-[C] Double cut and join, with context-dependent constraints
DCJ-DS Double cut and join, with dosage-sensitive constraint
DCJ-max L Double cut and join, with maximum rearrangement size
DCJ-max T Double cut and join, with maximum translocation size
DCJ-pfix Double cut and join, with translocations made rare
PAL Putative ancestral linkage group