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Table 1 Tool Registry example for format conversion pipelines

From: A graph-based approach for designing extensible pipelines

Input Output Tool Language Code XI XO Performance
PolyPhred PrettyBase perl 1 - - 0.004
PrettyBase SDAT perl 2 - - 0.01
SDAT StructureFormat perl 5 - mainparam, 0.15
SDAT RHierfstat perl 7 SDAT - 0.02
PHASEOUT Fasta perl 9 Fragments, - 0.02
  1. Columns Input and Output are file formats that are accepted and generated by a conversion tool; Tool and Language are the conversion tool’s name and its programming language; Code is the identifier of the tool; XI is the list of extra input files required for the tool’s execution; XO is the list of extra output files that is generated by the tool; and Performance is a measure related to the tool’s execution time. Other information not represented on this table can be found in the Additional file 1: Table S1.