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Table 8 Top 10 genes selected by HBSA-KNN from the leukemia dataset

From: Finding minimum gene subsets with heuristic breadth-first search algorithm for robust tumor classification

Top ten genes CLD Validation of tumor-related genes
APLP2 4 stability
CD33 3 [73, 74]
ZYX -- Tumor suppressor
MARCKSL1   [75]
SP3 9 [76]
CD63 2 [77]; tumor suppressor
TCF3 -- [78]
PSME1 1 --
CCND3 -- Tumor suppressor
CST3 -- PMID: 17728092
  1. The genes are sorted according to their frequency. If a gene is validated in the literature, the corresponding reference is shown (‘PMID’ denotes the PubMed ID).