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Table 1 Currently integrated programs

From: Cloudgene: A graphical execution platform for MapReduce programs on private and public clouds

  Name Details
MapReduce programs CloudBurst[4] Highly sensitive short read mapping with MapReduce.
  Myrna[5] A cloud computing tool for calculating differential gene expression in large RNA-seq datasets.
  Crossbow[6] A scalable software pipeline for whole genome re-sequencing analysis.
  FastQ-Preprocessing4 Quality control for high throughput sequence data in fastq format.
  SNPFinder4 Filters and extracts certain SNPs from genome wide association studies datasets.
  Hadoop-Examples[3] Several Hadoop example applications including Sort and Grep.
System images Cloud BioLinux[10] An AWS-EC2 image that includes a wide range of biological software, programming libraries as well as data sets.
  RStudio[11] An AWS-EC2 image that enables the usage of all R programming tools via a web interface.
Web applications HaploGrep[13] A web application to determine mitochondrial DNA haplogroups.