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Table 1 “classical” HDACs

From: Screening of selective histone deacetylase inhibitors by proteochemometric modeling

HDAC Localization Chromosomal site References
Class I (RPD3 homologue)
  HDAC1 Nucleus 1p34.1 [7]
  HDAC2 Nucleus 6p21 [8]
  HDAC3 Nucleus 5p31 [9]
  HDAC8 Nucleus Xq13 [10]
Class II (HDA1 homologue)
IIa HDAC4 Nuc/Cyt 2q372 [11]
  HDAC5 Nuc/Cyt 17q21 [12]
  HDAC7 Nuc/Cyt 12q13 [13]
  HDAC9 Nuc/Cyt 7p21-p15 [14]
IIb HDAC6 Mainly Cyt Xp11.22-33 [15]
  HDAC10 Mainly Cyt 22q13.31-33 [16]
Class IV
  HDAC11 Nuc/Cyt 3p25.2 [17]