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Table 7 HDACs’ sequences and 3D structures from NCBI and PDB

From: Screening of selective histone deacetylase inhibitors by proteochemometric modeling

Protein PDB entry NCBI entry Length(aa) Class
HDAC2 3MAX NP_001518 488 I
HDAC4 2VQJ NP_006028 1084 IIa
HDAC6 3C5K NP_006035 1215 IIb
HDAC7 3C0Z NP_056216 991 IIa
HDAC8 1 T69 NP_060956 377 I
HDAC1 nda NP_004955 482 I
HDAC3 nd NP_003874 428 I
HDAC5 nd NP_005465 1122 IIa
HDAC9 nd NP_478056 1011 IIa
HDAC10 nd NP_114408 669 IIb
HDAC11 nd NP_079103 347 IV
  1. a nd means no data published.