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Table 2 A comparison of the BLASR, BWA-SW, and BLAT methods on E. coli reads

From: Mapping single molecule sequencing reads using basic local alignment with successive refinement (BLASR): application and theory

Method Number of aligned reads Number of aligned bases Run time
BLASR-SA 94057 230.8 M 20m 54s
BLASR-BWT 94527 230.1 M 33m 57s
BWA-SW 97729 132.4 M 434m 5s
BLAT 99530 181.7 M 4724m 40s
  1. Each method was used to align 48× coverage of reads from E. coli O104:H4. BLASR-SA uses a suffix array index of the genome, while BLASR-BWT uses a BWT-FM index of the genome.