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Figure 4

From: Combing the hairball with BioFabric: a new approach for visualization of large networks

Figure 4

Screenshot of BioFabric. This shows the Human_Interactome_May.sif [15] network after it has been loaded and arranged using the default layout algorithm. This is a network of over 10,000 nodes and 61,000 links. BioFabric augments the full-network view (top pane) with a mouse location bar (thin strip directly below the full-network view), a network magnifier (lower left), a fixed overview (lower center), and a touring tool (lower right). The magnifier can either automatically track the mouse position or be locked down; it provides detailed information about areas of interest. The overview provides guidance on the location of the current view of the network, as well as current mouse position and current magnifier view. The touring tool allows the user to systematically traverse network links and step along node rows to explore the network.

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