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Table 4 List of 32 amino acid properties used in the analysis

From: Bayesian semiparametric regression models to characterize molecular evolution

AAindex accession number (if available) Property Symbol AAindex accession number (if available) Property Symbol
KYTJ820101 Hydropathy h Helical contact area C a
GRAR740103 Molecular volume M v ZIMJ680104 Isoelectric point p H i
MANP780101 Surrounding hydrophobicity H p OOBM770103 Long-range non-bonded energy E l
ZIMJ680103 Polarity(Zimmerman) p zim Mean r.m.s. fluctuation displacement F
CHOP780201 Alpha-helical tendencies P α FASG760101 Molecular weight M w
GRAR740102 Polarity(Grantham) p Normalized consensus hydrophobicity H nc
PONP800108 Average number of surrounding residues N s COHE430101 Partial specific volume V 0
Power to be at the C-terminal α c WOEC730101 Polar requirement P r
GRAR740101 Composition c Power to be at the middle of alpha-helix α m
Compressibility K 0 Power to be at the N-terminal α n
FAUJ880113 Equilibrium constant (ionization of COOH) p K MCMT640101 Refractive index μ
CHOP780202 Beta-structure tendencies P β OOBM770102 Short and medium range non-bonded energy E sm
ZIMJ680102 Bulkiness B l PONP800107 Solvent accessible reduction ratio R a
Buriedness B r Thermodynamic transfer hydrophobicity H t
Chromatographic index R F OOBM770101 Total non-bonded energy E t
CHAM830101 Coil tendencies P c CHOP780101 Turn tendencies P
  1. Properties marked by are from[36].