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Table 4 Betweenness Centrality properties for different human PINs

From: Effects of protein interaction data integration, representation and reliability on the use of network properties for drug target prediction

Protein interaction network Nodes examined Average BC (per protein) Maximum BC
full PIN -spoke all 21663.7 6930614.5
  Drug targets only 47319.8 6930614.5
  Non-drug targets only 19545.3 5195198.1
  B nodes only 23985.2 6930614.5
  N nodes only 46165.3 6930614.5
  S nodes only 43327.2 6930614.5
BioGRID subnetwork all 13704.3 4436940.8
Rual+Stelzl subnetwork all 5960.5 506957.4
  1. BC behaves similar to degree in the sense that drug targets have higher centralities than non-drug targets, and in the sense that BioGRID and Rual-Stelzl display smaller values in comparison with the consolidated data set. However, a difference appears regarding interaction type, where nodes belonging to n-ary interactions (N and S nodes) are more central than nodes belonging to binary interactions.