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Table 6 Average change in degree for drug targets and non-drug targets after removing lower-confidence interactions

From: Effects of protein interaction data integration, representation and reliability on the use of network properties for drug target prediction

Data sets Avg degree change (drug targets) Avg degree change (non-drug targets) Wilcoxon p-value
Full to non- predicted −5.2 −2.7 3.7e-34
Full to B −6.2 −4.9 9.3e-13
Full to LTP −10.3 −9.7 0.5
  1. After generating the true-binary (B) network, drug targets lose 6.2 edges on average compared to their degree in the full PIN. At the same time, non-drug targets lose 4.9 edges. This difference is statistically significant (p-value = 9.3e-13) for the two first cases, therefore we conclude that removal of lower-confidence data preferentially decreases the degree of drug targets rather than non-drug targets.