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Table 1 Obesity related interactions.

From: Mouse obesity network reconstruction with a variational Bayes algorithm to employ aggressive false positive control

Gene/SNP Disease Organism(s)
Zfp69 Candidate gene for diabetes associated with obesity Mouse and Human
Gna14 Association study of hypertension Human
F11r Induces hypertension in the brain stem Rat
Gabarapl1 Regulator of insulin dependent
hepatic autophagy
Wisp1 Association study of hypertension Human
Fdft1 Squalene (cholesterol) biosynthesis gene Mouse and Human
Ier2 Induced gene in insulin signalling pathways Rat
Slc24a3 Down regulated in diet sensitive
Crhr1 Candidate obesity gene possibly affecting feeding behavior Mouse and Human
Qpctl Association study identified
candidate obesity gene
Vcam-1 Atherosclerotic plaque
associated gene
Gch1 Identified in linkage studies
of maximal sedentary oxygen uptake
Dlgap1 Type-2 diabetes associated gene Human
Yy1 Type-1 diabetes associated gene Rat
Ccl19 Adipocyte inflammation Human
Cnr2 Obesity associated
adipocyte inflammation
Atp10a/rs3664823 Obesity associated gene Mouse
Folr2 Up-regulated in obesity associated adipose tissue Human
  1. Interactions identified by the variational method with previous evidence of being associated with obesity, or obesity related phenotypes