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Table 1 Classification performance of SVMs and FRpred on functionally and structurally important residue-positions

From: CLIPS-1D: analysis of multiple sequence alignments to deduce for residue-positions a role in catalysis, ligand-binding, or protein structure

  CAT_sites LIG_sites STRUC_sites
2C-SVM 0.324 0.213 0.782
CLIPS-1D 0.337 0.117 0.666
FRpred, score ≥ 8 0.231 0.219 41%
FRpred, score = 9 0.250 0.197 22%
  1. The line "2C-SVM" gives MCC-values resulting from a classification of catalytic sites (CAT_sites) with SVM CAT , of ligand-binding sites (LIG_sites) with SVM LIG , and of structurally important sites (STRUC_sites) with SVM STRUC . The line "CLIPS-1D" shows the performance of the MC-SVM. For FRpred, performance resulting from the analysis of HSSP-MSAs is given. For CAT_sites and LIG_sites, MCC-values are listed resulting from FRcons-cat or FRcons-lig scores of at least 8 or 9, respectively. For STRUC_sites, the same percentage of false positives resulted from FRcons-cat and FRcons-lig predictions.