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Figure 1

From: A comparison of feature selection and classification methods in DNA methylation studies using the Illumina Infinium platform

Figure 1

Example beta-value methylation profiles of top ranked cancer diagnostic associated CpGs in A) UKOPS (whole blood) (cg20792833) and B) ENDOM (endometrial tissue) (cg19664945) with the x-axis labelling the sample and the cancer (blue) and normal (orange) status. y-axis labels the beta-value. Similarly, example beta-value methylation profiles of top ranked age-associated CpGs in C) T1D (whole blood) (cg22736354) and D) OVC (ovarian cancer tissue) (cg25763788), with x-axis labeling the age of the samples. In all 4 panels we provide the t-test statistic and P-values of association between the beta-value and the phenotype of interest.

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