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Figure 4

From: An integrative variant analysis suite for whole exome next-generation sequencing data

Figure 4

Comparison of 92 1000 Genomes Exome samples to Exome Pilot Data. We made SNP calls using the Atlas2 Suite on 92 samples from 1000 Genomes Phase 1 Exome project, and compared the result to the most recent release from the 1000 Genomes Exon Pilot project. The Atlas2 re-discovery rate was calculated for each sample (red). The average re-discovery rate is 96.7%. An average 89.5% of the SNPs called by Atlas2 were confirmed in the Exon Pilot project (green). The exome SNPs called by Atlas2 but not called in 1 KG Exon pilot is either due to Exon pilot's limited sensitivity or false discovery in Atlas2.

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