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Figure 1

From: Combining joint models for biomedical event extraction

Figure 1

Example of BioNLP events. (a) The sentence, "... the phosphorylation of TRAF2 inhibits binding to the CD40 cytoplasmic domain ...," with target event structure to extract; (b) projection to a set of labeled graphs over tokens for the UMass model. The example includes three events, Phosphorylation (anchored by the text "phosphorylation"), Regulation (anchored by "inhibits"), and Binding (anchored by "binding"). Each event takes entities (proteins such as "TRAF2" or "CD40") or other events as arguments (THEME and CAUSE). In part (a), events are represented as rounded rectangles, relations as labeled arrows, and event anchors as dashed lines. In part (b), event types are written below their event anchors and relations are shown as labeled arrows or dashed lines (in the case of the "same binding" relationship).

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